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HQ · New York, New York
Department HQ
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

We are looking for leaders with a sincere and honest desire to share coffee, pastries, and delightful experiences with anyone looking! Coffee Shop Leads will be responsible for the overall experience of our guests and staff. Responsibilities include overseeing training and developing all baristas and team members for your respective location, ensuring all our guests at the shop experience exceptional customer service, have a "day-making" experience and enjoy the highest quality product we can offer, all while leading the coffee shop to be successfully aligned with our operational goals.

**This is often recognized as the most important position in the company. You are the person. You're the face that all staff and all customers interact with on a daily basis. You are the person our customers see and will know that if you're there, things will run smoothly and that all of their needs will be met.**

What We Expect From You:


· Help build, develop and continually lead an incredible team

· Regularly giving and being open to receiving positive and constructive feedback

· Proficient with our SOPs and have the ability to train new hires to do their jobs 100% to perfection, 100% of the time

· Using any and all situations as coaching moments for your baristas to develop and be their best

· Ensure every guest at your shop has a wonderful experience, and continually find ways to coach your team to go above and beyond in exceeding guest expectations

· Work on bar and on the floor daily, not only to help the team in busy moments but to stay constantly connected to the heart of our work

· Find ways to continually improve and using these opportunities to also build and develop your crew on what Birch Coffee service looks like

· Ensure we always meet and exceed our high standards of quality and for every drink served in your coffee shop, by partnering with our Coffee Trainer


· Work with your District Lead to drive strong year-over-year growth improving financial performance of your shop, and always looking for ways to expand the reach of your shop and be as efficient as possible in the process

· Work with other Coffee Shop Leads at Birch Coffee and your District Lead to creatively engage your community, deepen relationships with regular guests and be especially welcoming to newcomers all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.


· Overseeing all ordering including coffee, milk, pastries, inventory, etc. ensuring that we are always able to meet the requests of our guests while keeping waste to a minimum

· Ensure that all inventory and invoicing is recorded appropriately

· Manage the day-to-day operations of the shop in a smooth team fashion

· Maintaining a constant "GOLD" standard in your shop, and if you're not on duty, ensuring the team you've developed is upholding the same level of standards.

Who We Believe You Are:

· A strong and devoted leader, who both supports and challenges your team to be their absolute best

· You have a keen ability to foster the growth of others and to step up, lead and encourage personal growth among your crew

· A business minded person who understands how to drive your shop to financial success operationally, by having your finger on the pulse of the shop and recognize what is working and what is not

· A person in love with service and experiences - anticipating the needs of others through a deep sense of empathy, and joy for life that you are constantly passing on to your guests and your team members

· Always on the look out for a challenge. You don't only determine how to solve any problem, you seek new and unique ways to prevent the same problem from arising again

· Not afraid to try a new way to handle a situation. In fact, you welcome the opportunity with open arms so you can not only grow yourself, but you can help your team to develop themselves

· Have a strong sense of time management. You're able to identify urgent matters as they arise and handle them accordingly while balancing the day to day of your shop and keeping it organized and up to the Birch Coffee standard level

· Articulate and clear in your written and verbal communications, whether with management, your crew or responding to a customer.

o You are direct and candid, but you use kindness in getting your point across. Remember, honesty without kindness is cruelty!

· A love for working with others and learning from the input of other Coffee Shop Leads and Birch Coffee teams

· Have a strong love for what you do. We know you may have days where you don't wake up at 5 am jumping for joy but a strong ability to recognize chi and how to put your game face on, suit up and show up for every day as though it's going to be the Best. Day. Ever.

We Expect You To Have:

· 2+ years of retail/hospitality experience with a strong preference for coffee, food & beverage

· 1+ years of retail management experience leading a team of 8+ people

· A drive to learn about the profitability of the shop and of how to impact it

· A love and respect of delicious coffee and a deeper love and understanding of people

Some Extras:

· Health care coverage (medical and dental) for you starting within 30 days of your employment at Birch Coffee

· Paid time off

· Monthly Stipend

o covering expenses such as phone bills, fitness, video and audio streaming services, etc

· Free drinks at any of our cafes

· Complimentary bag of beans to take home each week

Thank You

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